Raben menu

daily ticket

Salad platter with fried chanterelles
served with white bread
€ 14.80
Scrambled eggs with chanterelles
served with fried potatoes
€ 15.80
Medallions of pork fillet in chanterelle cream,
served with homemade spaetzle
€ 19.80
Beef steak with fried chanterelles
served with duchess potatoes


Liver spaetzle soup€5.50
Garlic bread with different toppings
An insider tip from the kitchen

Pasta & meatless

Baked Camembert
in a bed of lettuce served with cranberries and white bread
Kaiserschmarrn with applesauce13.90
Allgäuer Käsepfanderl
homemade spaetzle, refined with lots of cheese and fried onions
Pappardelle (wide ribbon noodles)
in a fine herb sauce with chicken fillet strips
Side salad€4.80
Colorful salad platter with white bread and:
cooked ham strips, cheese & egg€13.80
baked mushrooms€15.80
Chicken fillet strips€16.80

Sweets for those with a sweet tooth

Curd cheese strudel in vanilla sauce€7.50
Gundel pancakes
filled with finely chopped nuts and
homemade chocolate sauce

Regional delicacies

Altmühltal lamb bratwurst
with either potato salad or sauerkraut
From the spring 1.5 km away:
Altmühltal trout baked/breaded
served with potato salad
Altmühltal smoked trout
served hot with fried potatoes and creamed horseradish

Good bourgeois classics

Viennese style schnitzel
served with potato salad
Schnitzel Viennese style
served with French fries, mayo/ketchup
Mushroom cream schnitzel
served with homemade spaetzle
Baked fish fillet
served with potato salad
House-style sauerbraten
served with potato dumplings
Onion roast
with fried potatoes
Wild boar bratwurst, Altmühltal lamb bratwurst, Bratwürstl Nuremberg style, fried potatoes, sauerkraut
Arnsberger farmer’s steak
juicy pork neck steak served on a wooden board
with fried potatoes and dark beer onions
Franconian Krautpfanderl
Roast, Wammerl, Franconian Bratwüstl
served with sauerkraut and dumpling Gröstl
Duo of pork knuckle (without rind) and roast pork served with potato dumplings

Delicacies served in the cauldron

original Hungarian goulash soup
with meat cubes, potatoes, carrots and celery

for our little guests

Homemade spaetzle with sauce€5.50
French fries with ketchup/mayo€5.50
Schnitzel “Rabe Tomirax” with fries€8.90