Raben menu

Current recommendations

Asparagus Cream Soup5.50
Grilled vegetables baked with béchamel sauce and cheese, served with rösti
Tortelloni filled with asparagus,
served with Hollandaise sauce
Tagliatelle with pieces of salmon in asparagus cream sauce15.80


Bavarian liver dumpling soup 4,90 €
different topped garlic breads
A secret tip from the kitchen
4,90 €

Vegetarian & Salad variations

side salad4,20 €
Big plate of salad with baguette and
baked champignons11,80 €
ham, cheese and egg10,80 €
fillet strips of chickenbreast 13,90 €
smoked duck breast13,90 €
roasted slices of potato dumplings with onions and fried egg on top
8,90 €
various mushrooms (champignons, chanterelles, porcini…) in cream served with bread dumplings
12,90 €

Süßspeisen für Naschkatzen

Topfenstrudel in vanillasauce6,50 €
filled with finely chopped nuts and
homemade chocolate sauce
6,90 €
Kaiserschmarrn mit Apfelmus 9,90 €

Regional delicacies

Altmühltaler lamb bratwurst
optionaly with potato salad or sauerkraut
10,80 €
From the spring 1.5 km away:
Altmühltaler trout baked
served with potato salad
15,90 €
Altmühltaler smoked trout
served hot with pan fried potatoes
17,90 €

Gut bürgerliche Klassiker

pork schnitzel Viennese style
served with french fries, ketchup, majo
13,50 €
served with homemade Bavarian egg noodles
14,90 €
baked fishfilet
served with potato salad
13,90 €
ballpepper schnitzel
served with garlic fried potatoes
14,80 €
turkey steak “Allgäu style”
baked with cheese, served with croquettes
16,80 €

For Kids

home made Bavarian egg noodles with brown sauce3,90 €
French fries with ketchup/mayonaise 4,90 €
Schnitzel “Rabe Tomirax” with French fries7,80 €


Allgäuer Käsepfanderl
homemade spaetzle, refined with lots of cheese and fried onions
11,50 €
Bavarian knuckle of pork without rind, roast pork in a dark beer sauce, served with potato dumplings and sauerkraut
15,80 €

Hungarian Specials

Pastry filled with veal in paprika cream according to the original recipe: a Hungarian classic
14,80 €
Original Hungarian goulash soup
served with bread
8,90 €

Menu from 14:00

Bavarian sausage salad
in oil and vinegar, onion rings
the Bavarian cheese classic, which is called Grupfta in Franconia
7,90 €
Cold cuts platter various sausage and cheese, cucumber, butter, bread8,90 €
Original Hungarian goulash soup
served with bread
9,60 €
House style beef salad
Cubes of boiled fillet in vinaigrette, garnished with cherry tomatoes, red onions and cucumber
10,90 €

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