Raben menu

During the Corona period you can see an excerpt from the menu, which is supplemented with seasonal offers.


Bavarian liver dumpling soup 4,50 €

Salad variations

side salad3,80 €
Big plate of salad with baguette and
baked champignons10,50 €
ham, cheese and egg9,90 €
grilled stripes of chicken fillet 13,50 €

Süßspeisen für Naschkatzen

Topfenstrudel in vanillasauce5,90 €
filled with finely chopped nuts and
homemade chocolate sauce
6,90 €
Kaiserschmarrn mit Apfelmus 9,90 €

Vegan Pasta

full grain Penne in sugo al’ arrabiata9,90 €

Regional delicacies

Altmühltaler lamb bratwurst
optionaly with potato salad or sauerkraut
9,90 €
From the spring 1.5 km away:
Altmühltaler trout baked
served with potato salad
15,90 €
Altmühltaler trout, naturally fried “Meunière sauce”
served with parsley potato
16,80 €
Altmühltaler smoked trout
served hot with pan fried potatoes
17,80 €

Gut bürgerliche Klassiker

Pork schnitzel Viennese style
served with french fries, ketchup, majo
12,80 €
served with homemade Bavarian egg noodles
13,90 €
Baked fishfilet
served with potato salad
13,80 €
Boiled beef in horseradish sauce
served with pan fried potatoes
15,90 €

For Kids

home made Bavarian egg noodles with brown sauce3,90 €
French fries with ketchup/mayonaise 4,90 €
Schnitzel “Rabe Tomirax” with French fries7,80 €


various vegetables, gratinated with cheese,
served with hash browns
10,50 €
Allgäuer Käsepfanderl
homemade spaetzle, refined with lots of cheese and fried onions
9,90 €
„Bayrisch-fränkisches Hochzeits-Pfanderl“
Bavarian pork knuckle without rind,
Franconian Schäufele in dark beer sauce,
served with potato dumplings and sauerkraut
15,80 €

Kettle specialties

We serve these Hungarian insider tips in a kettle

“Paprikas”: veal goulash
according to an old recipe
served with homemade spaetzle (Bavarian egg noodles)
14,80 €
Original Hungarian goulash soup
served with bread
9,80 €

Cold Plates

Bavarian sausage-salad
in oil and vinegar onion rings
8,50 €
Cold cuts platter
various sausage and cheese, cucumber, butter, bread
8,90 €

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